How To Automate Your Tweets

WukiApril 3, 20244 min read
Does tweeting take up a lot of your time?

Do you want to share content automatically?

There are tools you can use to automatically tweet your best content when your followers are most active and engaged.

In this article you'll discover how to automatically schedule your tweets at optimal times.

Why Automate Twitter?

Putting together a Twitter content calendar can be a time-consuming task. You've likely experienced times when you've run out of ideas or had trouble finding articles to curate.

A great way to keep your posting schedule full is to automate Twitter. You can schedule your posts automatically when the engagement and potential reach are higher.

Automatically generating and scheduling posts to 𝕏

Setup your content generation settings on XBeast for fully automatic posting.
Leveraging it's AI features you can create an unlimited amount of content!

1) Start by creating a new Post Type in the Dashboard
2) Add the new Post type to your schedule (select a time range at which this post type should be automatically sent to Twitter)
3) Make sure to select your Timezone in the Schedule dashboard
4) Wait a few minutes and you should start seeing some new tweets show up under Review posts